About BPO

Aannya Software is a leading provider of business process management and business process improvement solutions to our clients. We indulge in providing the best solutions and have already helped a lot of big companies in setting up their operational level of business process integration and business performance management. We prize our products and the way we streamline it for all our clients and elevate its service quality.

Outsourcing of clients (BPO)

The quality service and customer retention BPO Service will make you handle all your clients in a better and effective way. Handling the BPO service sector is one of the most tedious jobs. Most of the BPO contracts fail within five years because the customers feel that their objectives haven’t been answered. We provide you with custom based BPO tools and techniques that will enable you to deliver and high quality services and keep the customers satisfied in the process. We provide you with the best services to make your customers satisfied with the services and retained with your company. This is not the only thing we do for a successful customer retention strategy.

We provide the following end-to-end service management with our BPO services:

  • Service differentiation

  • efficient service delivery

  • monitoring and compliance

  • Continuous process improvement