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Aannya Software is a dedicated telecom industry that has been in operation since 2012. The team has been in action since its inception and has been delivering comprehensive range of sophisticated yet simple and easy-to-install Telecom Solutions for Business Interaction, M-Commerce Solutions; Aannya Softwares will provide you with the most efficient solution possible for your needs. Aannya can offer you a full range of Open Source development-related platform including Java, Asterisk, Linux platform, CMS like Word Press, Joomla, Drupal, Cake PHP platform and other platform. With Aannya Softwares, you can be sure that your software solution is implementing the most efficient and up-to-date Open Source based E-Commerce technologies of those available.

Digital Marketing

Our nurturing and dynamic digital experts help in executing effective internet marketing solutions on the basis of your business targets.

Web Design & Development

We are very much dedicated in building the best website designs for your website. Our company has the best website designers in the world.

Mobile App Development

Our equipped team can easily built interactive mobile applications in order to target the potential customers and maximize the conversions.

Crypto Currency Exchange

The online platform of Aannya Softwares makes really reliable trading functions at lowest possible charges. The working of a Bitcoin is very easy.


The quality and customer retention BPO services will make you handle all your clients in a better and effective way.

Sports API Services

Sports API Services is one of the most featured and expert services we offer. We pride ourselves in providing the best sports..

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Cricplex is both a website and mobile application based, providing services like live cricket radio commentary latest updates, scores, news, rankings, and the entire range cricket related information. Cricplex is all about our assets and building a company based on the uniqueness of its products. The application has tried to imbibe our application with all those features that will make cricket fanatics love it.


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